Why O&M Electrica Matamoros?

International Presence

O&M Electrica Matamoros has its headquarters in Costa Rica, with subsidiary companies in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama. Since the company was established, it has had the opportunity to provide services throughout Central America, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Chile, the Dominican Republic, and Laos.

O&M Electrica Matamoros S.A. is originally a Costa Rican company with subsidiary companies in Guatemala (O&M Electrica Matamoros Guatemala S.A.), Nicaragua and Panama. It was founded in 1997 with the objective of providing comprehensive services to the power sector and industry, while fully utilizing the company’s experience to ensure the highest quality and efficiency to its customers.

The company has its origins in the operating and administrative structure of the Hydroelectric Power Plant belonging to Empresa Electrica Matamoros S.A. (founded in 1932). Empresa Electrica Matamoros S.A. decided to create a subsidiary company in order to commercially and autonomously provide operation and maintenance services to hydroelectric power plants, basing these services on experienced gained throughout 74 years, which is how O&M Electrica Matamoros S.A. was born.

Historia Eléctrica Matamoros

Since its founding, the company has evolved to become a nationally and internationally known company with the capacity and determination to install, operate and maintain power plants, and to provide other services related to the energy sector and industry, according to international quality, efficiency, and safety guidelines. It’s worth noting that all of the practices, works, and services of O&M Electrica Matamoros S.A. have been developed within an environmentally friendly framework, and have obtained the international ISO 14001 certification regarding correct environmental management.


O&M Electrica Matamoros S.A.: Comprehensive service with independent solutions adapted to the needs of each client


The Empresa Electrica Matamoros S.A. is created as the owner of the Hydroelectric Power Plant.


O&M Electrica Matamoros S.A. is created based on Empresa Electrica Matamoros’s 74 years of experience in the administration, operation and maintenance of the Hydroelectric Power Plant. Their acquired knowledge is put to use offering autonomous commercial services.


O&M Electrica Matamoros S.A. reinvents itself as an entirely independent company with new management. It continues to provide services of the same quality that has characterized the company since its founding, and it begins to offer new services to meet the needs of its customers.
Valores Corporativos

To provide operation, maintenance and assembly services, among others, to power plants, in accordance with international quality, efficiency and safety standards, in an environmentally friendly way and based on our experience.

To be leaders in operation, maintenance and related services for power plants in Central America, with a solid presence in installation and assembly projects throughout Latin America.